Store Manager @ RL Vallee


Looking for a Manager for a busy Maplefields/Amato's for our Woodstock location. The manager is responsible for hiring, training, firing and developing employees as well as the day to day operations of the store which include: Reconciling cash / deposits, ordering, inventory controls, receiving/returning inventory, food service, interacting with vendors, providing excellent customer service, employee and staff safety, environmental controls.

The job is generally a 7 to 4 Monday thru Friday with occasional weekends. The position starts at $34K with an aggressive bonus program that can add another $20 to $25K per year. The candidate must be reliable ,responsible, highly organized and motivated. Knowledge of Excel and basic computers is a must.





This job is open at the following locations:


Maplefields At St. Albans- 555 Fairfax Road- St. Albans, VT, 5478,
Maplefields At Woodstock- Route 4, 66 Pleasant Street- Woodstock, VT, 5091,


$34 K (agressive bonus up to 20K)